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Not feeling like yourself? It could be iron deficiency or iron deficiency anaemia

Are you always tired or lacking energy?
Do you get headaches or feel dizzy a lot?
Are you often cold, especially your hands and feet?
Does your skin look pale, or are you losing more hair than usual?

If you have any of these symptoms then you might have iron deficiency (ID) or iron deficiency anaemia (IDA). However, everyone is different so you might have other symptoms or no symptoms at all. If you are not feeling like yourself, talk to your doctor and they will be able to give you the help you need.

About ID/IDA
Discover why the body needs iron and what can cause low iron levels

Common symptoms
Learn more about how people feel when they have ID/IDA

Getting diagnosed
How to find out if you have ID/IDA

Blood test results
Find out about what the doctor will test for and what the numbers mean