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Frequently asked questions

How much iron does FERACCRU® contain?

Is FERACCRU® suitable for vegans or vegetarians?

Does FERACCRU® contain sugar?

Are FERACCRU® capsules modified/prolonged release?

How should FERACCRU® be taken?

Can patients open FERACCRU® capsules?

Can the contents of FERACCRU® capsules be poured down a feeding/NGT/PEG tube?

Can patients take other vitamin or mineral supplements while on FERACCRU®?

What is the shelf life of FERACCRU® after opening the bottle?

Can patients still take FERACCRU® beyond the 45-day shelf life after first opening the bottle?

Can children take FERACCRU®?

Can FERACCRU® be used to treat IDA not caused by IBD?

Can FERACCRU® be used in patients with Hb <9.5 g/dL?

Can patients with an IBD flare take FERACCRU®?

Can patients with hepatic impairment take FERACCRU®?

Is FERACCRU® suitable for patients who are pregnant?

Can FERACCRU® be used during breastfeeding?

Does FERACCRU® affect patients’ fertility?

IBD, inflammatory bowel disease; IDA, iron deficiency anaemia; Hb, haemoglobin; NGT, nasogastric tube; PEG, percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy.


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