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You’ve probably never seen an oral iron like FERACCRU® before

For adults with iron deficiency1




FERACCRU® can help lift the burden of ID/IDA1–3

FERACCRU® relieved IDA in IBD patients who had previously failed on oral ferrous iron salts2

Learn about the short-term and long-term efficacy of FERACCRU®

had a consistently good tolerability profile2,3

See how well patients tolerated FERACCRU®

FERACCRU® is convenient for you and your patients1

Discover how simple treatment with FERACCRU® can be

FERACCRU® is an effective and well tolerated oral iron due to its innovative structure and mechanism of action1–3


FERACCRU® is a stable complex which dissociates upon uptake from the gastrointestinal tract.1

Fe3+ Maltol

Ferric iron (Fe3+) is tightly bound to three maltol molecules1

The complex dissociates upon absorption1

Absorbed iron is transferred to transferrin and ferritin1

IBD, inflammatory bowel disease; ID, iron deficiency; IDA, iron deficiency anaemia.


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